Ocean Breeze Shower Mousse

Indulge in SPA Luxetique's New Creation - Ocean Breeze Shower Mousse. Its unique jelly-to-foam texture transforms into a rich lather that cleanses and nourishes. Enjoy scents of ocean breeze while the mousse glides across your skin.

Experience the pleasure of velvety soft skin and a refreshing scent. Revel in the luxury of an ocean-inspired escape with this unique shower experience.


Unveil the magical transformation with effortless bubbles for a playful shower experience!

Immerse yourself in the delicate allure of lily of the valley, bergamot, and citrus top notes, while the mousse effortlessly glides across your skin, creating a luxurious foam that cleanses and nourishes. Let the refreshing scents rejuvenate your senses, while the indulgent jelly-to-foam formula leaves your skin velvety soft and delicately perfumed.

Upgrade your shower routine to a serene oasis and reimagine your escape with the new sensation of Ocean Breeze Shower Mousse.

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